Wish List

"All I wanted to do was sneak out into the night and disappear somewhere, and go and find out what everybody was doing all over the country."

—Jack Kerouac

SWF journalist seeks:

  • Serial killer
  • Somebody’s mistress (current or former)
  • Iris DeMent
  • Opera singer
  • Nellie McKay
  • Someone who has lived in Manhattan for their entire life
  • A carnie (is that spelled right?)
  • Gillian Welch
  • A Hollywood type who is just starting to get a foot in the door
  • Wendell Berry
  • Tom Waits
  • A musical theatre composer
  • Novella Carpenter
  • A veteran politician
  • Tony the dancing cop
  • Marilynne Robinson
  • Somebody from the mob
  • Bernie Sanders
  • A hill person
  • Someone who does illegal underground fighting (on their own or with animals)
  • A defrocked clergyman
  • Curious Gabe
  • Frick
  • An Amish person on Rumspringa
  • E. Annie Proulx
  • An anorexic man
  • Chris Arnade
  • An ASMR practitioner
  • Anthony Karen
  • Member of any racial/ethnic hate group
  • A polygamist/a polyamorous couple
  • A Bread and Puppet participant
  • James Marshall Crotty
  • An air-itarian
  • Catherine King and Wayne Adams
  • A sacred harp singer (really, just to hear them perform)
  • Someone who changed from homo- to hetero- orientation.
  • Bonnie Tsui

If you know someone who answers one of these descriptions, or if you’d like to suggest a story, drop us a line.