Road Essentials

"All he needed was a wheel in his hand, and four on the road."

And soap. And a change of clothes. Also a couple things that keep us feeling good enough inside to get outside.

When we are smelly, sweaty, sleep-deprived and starving, these wonderful products (made by extraordinary people) make us feel like ourselves again.

Pacifica Perfume

Pacifica makes it hard to choose just one. All my friends have their signature scent: Holly the ballerina wears Tahitian Gardenia, e.v. wears Tibetan Mountain Temple in memory of the time she spent near Mt. Kailash, my sister gave up that Donna Karan stuff in the tooly container for Waikiki Pikake, and my scent–the one that makes me feel like a lady again, even after hours on the road–is Neroli Orange Blossom. I favor the spray kind for my skin, but the solid perfume is good to mix in with hair-styling products, so you smell pretty all over.

Find it here.

Solar Recover

On the website, they call this “a lotion delivered in water.” I call it a magic trick, especially after a day spent in the windshield’s glare. I swear you can feel it working as soon as it hits your face, mellowing out the redness, smoothing out the lines. It also smells really nice, so I tend to spray it often and needlessly.

Find it here.

Pink salt

Those who know are nodding their heads right now like “Of course, why would you use any other salt?” If you don’t know, now is the time to change your life. The salt is pink because it hasn’t been bleached or messed with. Pink = minerals = happy guts inside you. You never know how many of your health problems are due to mineral deficiency until you start drinking 1/4 tsp of this salt in a glass of water every morning.

Find it here.

Chuck Taylor All-Stars

I’ve been everywhere in these thin-soled canvas kicks. My favorites are the army-green laceless ones I got from Tilly’s in Escondido…not least because they freak old people out–”How do your shoes stay on?!” But also because they immediately, iconically rep the home state for which I nurse a deep, complicated love.

Find them here.


You don’t have to read far on this site to learn of my helpless kombucha addiction. But like anything you make yourself, sometimes you just want a taste of someone else’s. I first tasted Magic Kombucha at Portland’s Dovetail Bakery (now, sadly, defunct…but you can find Magic at Sweedeedee). They tell me it’s made in Olympia, Washington; it’s truly the greatest I’ve ever tasted from a bottle. They’re a small company, so you should support them…it will make you feel better about yourself. However, they are hard to find outside of the Pacific Northwest. But don’t worry–I’ve found many brands to love.

Make your own.

Tanka Bar

Apart from the roadside farmstand, this is my favorite road food. It’s like a candy bar made of meat…from buffalo, in fact, that spent its happy life roaming the bluffs of South Dakota before being made by the Oglala-Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Reservation into a recipe cribbed from their hunter-gatherer roots. Makes me proud to be an American.

Find it here.


It’s hard for me to talk about this product without sounding like a low-budget commercial. “Do you suffer from chronic indigestion, migraines, IBS, or frequent UTI’s? Then it’s time you tried this one product that can cure them all.” …I’m probably not supposed to say “cure,” right? … Look, all I’ll say is that I’ve been taking one capsule a day for more than two years, and through miles of changing seasons and various homes and too much stress and too little sleep, I haven’t had more than a day or two of sickness, of any kind.

Find it here.