"It is hard to go on living without some hope of encountering the extraordinary."

–Harold Bloom

We travel the country in search of ordinary people with extraordinary stories to tell.

People who have lived through epic adventures, searing tragedies, and daunting challenges that few know to ask about.
People who aren’t going to write their stories themselves, because they don’t realize how interesting they are.

It might be your best friend, your favorite bartender, or your neighbor whom you’ve talked to only once.

They’ve all got a story.

You might be the only one who knows it.

We are the Connoisseurs.

(And so are you.)

Chelsea B.

I always wished I was in a band or a traveling circus so I could live on the road. In 2012, it finally occurred to me that I could just, you know, get on the road and do it.

I write magazine articles and ad copy, curate web content, and ghostwrite the odd memoir for a living.
I also take pictures.

Find me here.

Bryan T.

I always wished I could find a place, maybe at the bottom of an island or in a deeply-wooded canyon, where the night would go on forever. The road has given me the stories to get there.

I’m a poet and a writer of fiction both short and long. But I can also copy-edit your face off, if need be.
I also take pictures.

Find me here.

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Our work has been featured in:

Atlas Obscura
Project Bly
Our Man on the Ground

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
Guthrie America
Edible San Diego
Let’s Gather
Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

and behind the scenes in countless local businesses all over the country.

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